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Depression Week Menu

In order to curb eating costs and to see how inexpensively one can eat, while still enjoying healthy, delicious, filling, and varied food, a fellow missionary and I decided to have a “Depression Week,” inspired by the fact that according to a quiz on Facebook, he should have lived during the Depression, due to his frugality and overcoming attitude :-). We had planned to carefully plan out meals and shop ahead, but this didn’t really happen as much as we had hoped. However, our experiment was very successful, and I think the flexibility was good, as we ended up having lots more leftovers than I had anticipated and therefore prepared fewer meals than I had planned.

The outcome of the week was surprising and encouraging. Altogether, I think we spent about 192 kunas on food for the week, which comes out to about $19 each. Not bad! We thoroughly enjoyed every meal, and weren’t hungry at all, despite the fact that we had meat in only two of the dishes. We decided later that the quiche could have used an accompaniment such as muffins or a salad, so next time I’ll probably round out that meal a little more. The oatmeal, which I’ve been eating almost every morning for the past year, was the roughest part of the week. I’m pretty sick of it by now, and warm cereal on warm mornings isn’t really all that appealing to me in the first place. David decided he’d rather just break down and eat real cereal this week, but I’m still eating oatmeal. Not sure what I’ll decide to do about that…

Here’s a breakdown of our menu and our prices for each meal (most of them don’t include every pantry item, but I think for the most part it’s pretty accurate) for two people. Also, a few of the ingredients were free from the village (some of the salad fixings, plums, etc.), but they would have been inexpensive to buy regardless because they’re in season right now. (I calculated them on kunas, of course. Right now the exchange rate is, unfortunately, about 4.9kn = 1 USD.

Breakfast: Oatmeal, 1 kn/day total

Monday: Lunch – leftover enchiladas from Sunday
Dinner – Spinach / Gouda Quiche (increased original recipe by 50% because my only
round pan is too large for just one recipe).
Snack – plum upside-down cake
Tuesday: Lunch – leftover quiche, watermelon
Snack – yogurt
Dinner – pizza with ham, onions, and peppers; salad
Wednesday: Lunch – baked potato with cheese, caramelized onion, sour cream
Snack – peaches
Dinner – Coconut Chicken Curry with rice
Thursday: Lunch – leftover quiche and baked potato
Dinner – ate at Warholics
Friday: Lunch – team lunch at the cafe (10kn each)
Dinner – leftover curry, pizza
Saturday: Breakfast – eggs, muffins
Lunch – pb&j, chips, peaches
Dinner – roast chicken, mashed potatoes, salad

Recipes *might* follow soon, if I get my act together… 🙂

What are your favorite budget meals that are filling and healthy?

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